Smart Security

Enterprise grade firewalls, Industry leading Antivirus, 256 bit SSL encryption, secure even on public WIFI.
No data stored on devices, meaning security breaches are a thing of the past.

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Hosted Desktop

It’s your entire desktop, hosted in the cloud. So, you can use any device, anywhere with or without an internet connection, and access your work desktop just as easily as if you were sitting right at your desk.

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SmartStac™ Store

All of your data is synced with the cloud. Giving you the freedom to finish what you started in the office at your desktop PC on the train home with your laptop or iPad.

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System security and data security is critical for any successful business. Our Hosted Desktop solution leaves you trouble free and worry free:
• Enterprise-grade firewall technology that shields your data at all times.
• All data is stored in UK-based secure ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accredited data centres.
• Data is transferred using 256bit SSL encryption.
• Industry leading Anti-Virus software stops malware and unsavoury files in their tracks.
• With Hosted Desktop, no data is stored on individual devices, meaning security breaches are a thing of the past, even in a device is misplaced or stolen.



With a Hosted Desktop solution you have more flexibility and resources to manage the growth of your organisation efficiently. Not needing to invest heavily in your company’s IT infrastructure and without needing to pay unexpected overheads or hidden costs makes I.T. budgets a predictable, stable, monthly cost. You can effectively plan the cost of each new user and budget for growth and expansion.

Full desktop service

Full Desktop experience

You and your staff can access all of your data, your apps and your programs, when you need it, wherever you need it and on any device.
This makes your business truly flexible in a fast paced working environment and gives you the freedom to pinpoint resources where best you need them. The joy of accessing your desktop from anywhere in the world means staff can work and update files on the move and, of course, working from home becomes simple!



With most company IT infrastructures, there’s little or no room for growth and improvement as it requires major research and investment in a quick changing technological market place. With the Hosted Desktop solution your company can become futureproof. You will always able to access the latest technology without having to keep investing in upgrades, and secure in the knowledge that you have a resilient infrastructure built to be ahead in a fast paced environment.