Why buy a Cloud based solution?

Access cloud-based applications and services from anywhere

Performance and Longevity

Full desktop service

In IT, the rule of thumb is that servers need to be replaced every 3-5 years and software is constantly being upgraded. Now, a lot can happen in five years. In 2007 the world was using the original batch of ’smartphones.’ Plastic bricks restricted by qwerty keyboards, small screens and severely limited capabilities. By 2012, Apple was still revolutionising the tech world with the arrival of the iPhone 5. Imagine using a Palm Treo or a Motorola RAZR, when all of your competitors are using the iPhone 5. With current infrastructures, there’s little to no room for growth and improvement. What you buy is usually what you’ll use for up to the next 5 years. Now imagine being held-back by 5-year-old technology when all of your competitors are using the latest and greatest that’s available. It’s not going to help you exceed expectations or develop and grow the company, is it?
And this is why companies are looking to adopt Hosted Desktops.


Full desktop service

Hosted Desktops bring your IT expenditure down to an affordable, manageable and predictable monthly figure. No more expensive hardware or software purchases, no more licenses, no more running your own Servers and no more paying for IT support.

Security & Compliance

Full desktop service

We ensure you are Data Compliant with UK law by storing your infrastructure on secure, UK-based ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accredited data centres. With hosted desktops, your IT environment, investment and infrastructure is protected 24/7 by our systems and team. Business critical data and applications are safe on hosted desktops, helping your business do business from anywhere, at any time.

Remove Uncertainty

Full desktop service

Save your time and money firefighting IT problems! Our expert engineers, combined with the technology of SmartStac™, means 99% of the time we can fix your IT issues before you even know you have them! You no longer need to invest in expensive server estates, maintain or repair them, pay call out fees for IT companies, think about manual data backups or licensing fees! Hosted desktops remove the headache of IT!

Flexibility and Freedom

Full desktop service

This solution gives your business the flexibility and freedom of knowing your staff can work as efficiently from home or the train as they do at their office desk. You can work from multiple sites safe in the knowledge that you are all accessing the same data, with the same security, and updating centrally. We keep you at the forefront of technology and your fast growing business is supported with an infrastructure that can expand overnight to meet your requirements for capacity and new users. Transform your IT budget into a manageable, predictable monthly cost. No matter the size of your business, gain access to industry leading uptime, availability and protection.

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