Benefits of Hosted Desktop to your Business

Financial Benefit

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Budgets and costings are a major part of any organisation. In the past IT has come into this as a vital and necessary cost, but a headache at the same time. Usually being a fluctuating monthly figure as well as having a high replacement cost year on year for hardware and licences. With Hosted Desktops you would be bringing this down to an affordable, manageable and predictable monthly figure. No more expensive software purchases, no more licenses, no more running your own Servers and no more paying for IT support. Making it far simpler to calculate expenditure. On top of this it makes calculating the cost of expansion far simpler than previously thought. When bringing in more staff for example, you would know exactly what costs would be associated. For larger organisations, there are also many additional cost savings. Hosted Desktops also alleviate the need for investment in major infrastructure, large server estates become a thing of the past, freeing up space, reducing utility overheads and monitoring requirements.

Full Desktop Experience

Full desktop service

The fixed monthly figure paid would include everything that would normally be required;
• Full Windows Desktop.
• Microsoft Office Licenses.
• Office365 Licenses for Emails.
• Iron-Clad Security - industry-leading antivirus, anti-malware and firewall technology.
• Nightly server backups, offsite with a 7-day retention. (Additional back-ups available)
• SmartStac Store (for offline use).
• 24/7 IT support.
We can host all elements of any additional software or applications used in the company and can build your business a truly bespoke desktop meaning everything you need is always accessible. All desktops would be unified as well, looking and feeling identical in set up, meaning training staff would become simpler and would massively reduce the time spent firefighting with individual user errors.


Full desktop service

Your Hosted Desktop data is stored in Secure ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accredited data centres in the UK and then further ring fenced by our own Firewall security. Industry leading anti-virus and anti-malware solutions ensure your sessions are for your eyes only even on public wi-fi networks. Data is transferred using 256bit SSL Encryption and because no data is stored on individual devices you don’t have to worry if someone misplaces their laptop! Sadly, most data security breaches occur within companies when employees are careless or naive. If an employee transfers data to a USB drive for example or inadvertently clicks to download something you really don’t want. With a Hosted Desktop solution, and its holistic approach to security, that is NEVER an issue and you can rest assured that your data is always safe and secure with your business data available to your staff only when they need it.
Automatic backups, with 7-day retention backups are included as standard. Vault storage and / or additional backup strategies are available to suit any business retention requirements.

Increased Productivity

Full desktop service

The idea of the Hosted Desktop solution is to completely eliminate IT issues from the working environment. Having a robust infrastructure offsite means that down time would be a thing of the past. Concerns around servers going down would disappear and if a PC or ’thin’ client were to malfunction or break, the staff member has the availability to use another device to connect to the exact same desktop without losing data and is not restricted to waiting for new hardware or fixes to happen.


Full desktop service

Probably one of the most appealing factors of using Hosted Desktops is the ease of which the system can be scaled up or down, in line with your business needs. Whether you’re expanding the company, adding new members of staff or moving sites, the technology would be in place to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. Companies with seasonal or contracting staff have the need to scale up or down very quickly based on demand. With this solution, it’s as simple as adding or removing users on a month to month basis. The company would no longer need to buy systems of hardware based on a yearly or even 3-yearly plan. Organisations operating over multiple sites can have a complex set up, they might have servers on each site or multi sites VPN to the main site. This solution allows one central location where all staff can access their desktops and their data. If one site has an issue this will not affect other sites.


Full desktop service

The importance of using a high speed, reliable internet connection these days is vital to any business’ success. It means that your employees will be more efficient in daily tasks and will provide a better working experience for them. It allows you to readily communicate with your potential customers and also ensures you can compete with other companies, giving you the option to make any updates or changes immediately. We are experienced in providing Enterprise-class connectivity to all sizes of business to ensure the best possible experience throughout.


Full desktop service

The Hosted Desktop environment allows companies to have a lot more control over their systems. Organisations have the ability to add permission restrictions to individual user’s accounts, limiting things such as USB capabilities, file saving and storage, the ability to delete files and copy and paste options. Something that can be very useful if you operate in a security conscious industry. Sadly, most security breaches occur within companies but with a Hosted Desktop, these issues are no longer a concern.

Thinking Green

Full desktop service

There’s also a ’green’ benefit to Hosted Desktops as well. By not operating servers or estates and by having fewer ’hard’ pc’s on-site companies will use less energy, which in turn helps to reduce Carbon Footprints. There is also a longer product life on the ’thin’ clients as they have less moving parts which means less to landfill and another tick for the environment - and your hardware budget!

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